Instructors of Certified Food Managers
Tips for Certification

Tips and handouts to share for a smooth CFM application process.

Please share these tips with your students so they receive their Certification promptly.

Application materials must include these three items:

  1. The completed and signed:
    Food Manager Certification Application Form,
  2. Appropriate certificate, and
  3. Check or money order for the correct fee.

Helpful handouts:

Obtaining a State Food Manager Certification Reference Guide
(PDF: 29KB/2 pages)

Checklist for Applying:
How to Become a Certified Food Manager in Minnesota
(PDF: 47KB/1 page)

Checklist for Renewing:
How to Renew your Food Manager Certificate
(PDF: 48KB/1 page)

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Updated Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 11:25AM