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School Concession Stands - Licensing
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Regardless of menu, structure, sponsorship or days of operation, any food service or concession on school grounds is required to be licensed, inspected and compliant with the Minnesota Food Code.

Licensing Types & Options

Local or state regulatory authority for the school can help determine the appropriate license type based on the concession menu, equipment, and the number of days of operation.

Applicable license types include:

  1. Special event food stand,
  2. Mobile food unit,
  3. Seasonal temporary food stand,
  4. Seasonal permanent food stand,
  5. Limited food menu, or small establishment.

The school or the concession sponsors may choose one of the following options for licensure:

Option A:  Licensure as an “additional food service”, meaning the concession is in addition to the primary food preparation and service area used to prepare or serve food to the public. The school is responsible for assuring that compliance is met.  All regulatory matters are handled directly through the school (food service director).

Option B:  Obtain a separate food service license. The school/sponsoring organization applies for and maintains licensure. Compliance is the responsibility of the license holder.

  1. Special Events Food Stand: An establishment which is used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operates no more than three times annually for no more than ten total days. An application must be filled out each time with the appropriate fee attached at least 14 days before the event begins. Each organization may need to be licensed individually.
  2. Mobile Food Unit(s):  A food and beverage service establishment that is a vehicle mounted unit, either motorized or trailered, operating no more than 21 days annually at any one place, and is readily movable, without disassembling, for transport to another location. Units must be licensed and may require plan review. This license is a yearly license and the unit could be used when needed.
  3. Seasonal Temporary/Permanent:  Each organization using the food stand may apply for a license and may operate independently. Stands operated in conjunction with school sponsored events on school property are exempt from the 21 day restriction. Both types of stands may be subject to plan review.
  4. Limited Food or small establishment license:  A small establishment requires a Certified Food Manager and both types may require plan review.

Under each of these options, the license type and the standards for compliance will vary depending on the menu and equipment. Licensing requirements are guided by the Minnesota Food Code and Minnesota Statutes Chapter 157. Consult your local regulatory agency for any questions.

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