Food, Pools, and Lodging Services (FPLS)

map showing the counties with delegation authority in Minnesota

Who will license the establishment?

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has a delegation agreement with some local health agencies (city, county) to provide licenses for food, beverage, and lodging establishments in Minnesota. MDH is responsible for the remaining areas of the state.

  • Licensing Jurisdiction
    Follow the link to find out which agency is responsible. The location of the establishment being licensed determines which agency will provide the license.
  • Plan Review
    For MDH Jurisdictions - MDH must approve food service and lodging plans before new construction or remodeling may begin. You will need an approved plan review for: new construction, remodeling and additions or temporary food services (such as mobile food units, seasonal permanent food stands, seasonal temporary food stands, and food carts).

Special Licensing

Bed and Breakfast | Food Catering Requirements | Food Cart | Mobile Food Unit | Seasonal Permanent Food Stand | Seasonal Temporary Food Stand | Special Event Food Stand | Boarding and Lodging with Special Services

In-store Delis, Grocery Stores, Butcher Stores, Bakeries, Convenience Stores

For information about starting an in-store deli, grocery store, butcher store, bakery or convenience store, contact:

Casinos and Tribal Land

For information regarding health regulations in casinos or on tribal land:

Statutes and Rules

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