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Bed and Breakfast Operations
Food, Pools, and Lodging Services (FPLS)

A “Bed and Breakfast” operation, in the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), requires:

  1. a hotel/motel license; and
  2. a restaurant license.

To find out if MDH or another agency will license your establishment, see:

All of the applicable provisions apply:

Hot tubs and pools must comply with:

Some operations are located in what normally would be considered a private home; rooms are rented on a nightly basis just as a hotel or motel. The MDH will license these operations that have one or more beds available, as a hotel or motel.

An MDH plan review may be required and plans are needed for all portions of the operation, such as upgrading the private water supply or private on-site sewage disposal system, food establishment or lodging facilities.

If food service is offered in the morning, it is to be licensed as a restaurant. Please contact your local environmental health specialist to discuss food-licensing options.

If the proposed operation serves 10 or fewer persons, then domestic equipment may be allowed. If there are 11 or more persons, then all provisions of the rules governing the requirement of commercial equipment meeting the standards of NSF International apply.

Proper zoning and approval from the municipality or township for the operation of a Bed and Breakfast establishment must be demonstrated to MDH before we will consider any plan review, site inspection or other steps toward the issuance of a license.

State Fire Marshal (SFM) approval is required:

State and Local business licenses, Minnesota Sales and Use tax, Insurance and Workers' Compensation requirements are also the responsibility of the operator.

Note: In areas under the jurisdiction of a local Community Health Service agency, inquiries should be directed to that agency.

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