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Licensing Definitions
Food, Pools, and Lodging Services (FPLS)

Base Fee - an annual fee paid by each establishment except special event food stands.

Limited Food Menu - prepackaged food that receives heat treatment and is served in the package, continental breakfast, soft drinks, coffee, nonalcoholic beverages.

Small Establishment - food service with no salad bar, equipment not exceeding: one deep fat fryer; one grill; two hot holding containers; microwaves, or service of dipped ice cream/soft serve frozen desserts, or breakfast service in a bed and breakfast operation, or boarding establishments. Establishments which do not provide catering service and which meet “Medium Establishment” equipment criteria but have a total seating capacity of 50 or less are “Small Establishments.”

Medium Establishment - food service using a range, oven, steam table, salad bar, or salad prep area, more than one deep fat fryer or grill, more than two hot holding containers, or involving catering.

Large Establishment - food service that meets the full menu definition and seats more than 175 people, serves a full menu selection an average of five or more days per week or caters 500 or more meals per day.

Beer or Wine Table Service - only beer or wine service to customers seated at tables.

Alcohol Service From Bar - alcoholic mixed drinks are served or where beer or wine is served from a bar.

Individual Water - a private water supply other than a community public water supply.

Individual Sewer - a private sewage treatment system, which uses subsurface treatment and disposal.

Lodging Per Unit - the number of guest rooms, cottages, or other rental units of a hotel, motel, lodging establishment, or resort, or the number of beds in a dormitory.

Public Swimming Pool - any swimming pool other than a private residential swimming pool.

Spa Pool - a public hot water pool intended for seated recreational use.

Mobile Food Unit - a food and beverage service which is a vehicle mounted unit, either motorized or trailered, operating no more than 21 days annually at any one place or is operated in conjunction with a permanent business at the site of the permanent business by the same individual or company, and readily movable, without disassembling, for transport to another location.

Seasonal Permanent Food Stand - a food and beverage service which is a permanent stand or building, but which operates no more than 21 days annually.

Seasonal Temporary Food Stand - a food and beverage service stand which is disassembled and moved from location to location, but which operates no more than 21 days annually at any one location.

Special Event Food Stand - a food and beverage service stand which is used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operates at most three times annually for no more than ten total days.

Food Cart - Means a food and beverage service, which is a non-motorized vehicle self-propelled by the operator.

Late Penalty - additional charge added to the license fee when a person operates a business without first having made application and fee payment for the current year's license.

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