Seasonal Permanent Food Stands Plan Review
Food, Beverage, and Lodging (FBL)

Review Requirements

For information about the requirements for obtaining a license for a Seasonal Temporary Food Stand, see our factsheet:

Complete the Application

Construction Guide

Submit Required Documents

  1. Plans must be submitted for review and approved before a license may be issued for any new food stand. Submit one set of plans along with a check or money order for $250 made payable to the Minnesota Department of Health via:

    Courier Address:
    Food, Pools, and Lodging Services
    Minnesota Department of Health
    625 North Robert Street
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55155
    U.S. Mail Address:
    Food, Pools, and Lodging Services
    Minnesota Department of Health
    P.O. Box 64975
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0975

  2. The plans must include the following:
    1. A completed plan review application;
    2. a proposed menu of the food and beverage items to be served;
    3. the layout for all food and beverage service equipment;
    4. the make and model number of all food and beverage service equipment;
    5. the type of floor, wall and surfaces in the food stand; and
    6. the location of the handwashing facility.
  3. Please note the following items when preparing your plans:
    1. All food and beverage equipment must meet the standards of NSF International and have an identifiable marking indicating that it meets these standards.
    2. A three-compartment facility is required for sanitizing utensils, dishes and equipment.
    3. A separate handwashing facility is required and must be supplied with running water capable of being shut off, soap and paper towels.
    4. The flooring must be smooth, durable, and easily cleanable.
    5. The interior wall and surfaces must be smooth, nonabsorbent and easily cleanable.

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