Water Contaminants and Your Health - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Water Contaminants and Your Health

Children at hand pump.Clean and safe drinking water is an important part of a healthy environment and protecting public health. Many of us depend on groundwater as our primary source for drinking water — whether we use a private well, public water supply, or some other groundwater source.

Water Quality/Well Testing: Information about contamination problems in private drinking water wells, and how to test your well water.

Drinking Water Protection: Information about MDH's efforts to ensure the safety of public water supply systems.

Well Management: Information about standards, permits, and contractors for the construction and maintenance of wells and borings.

Hazardous Chemicals in the Environment: Information about MDH's investigation of health hazards from chemicals released into the environment.

Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water: Information about MDH's investigation of newly identified chemical hazards and threats to drinking water.

Health-Based Rules and Guidance for Groundwater: Information about guidance values MDH has developed for use in evaluating contaminated groundwater.

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