Update from December 3, 2010

Healthy Communities Count! Final Report for Central Corridor Light Rail Transit line now available

Includes demographics, Core Counts, maps, and references.

The Final Report for our Healthy Communities Count! project includes information on a wide range of items that can impact community health and quality of life for those living near the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (CCLRT) line. These “counts” give a “snapshot” of what the neighborhood looks like before construction of the CCLRT. After the CCLRT is constructed, these “counts” can be re-counted -- making this a useful tool for determining if there have been changes (positive or negative) in the health status of the communities related to the construction of the CCLRT.

We hope the information in this report will assist people living and working in the Central Corridor to help shape future goals for their community. The report can be used by numerous groups -- communities, local planning agencies, businesses, other interested parties -- to guide redevelopment, share resources to address specific issues, improve people’s health, or build capacity for future work.

The Final Report is available online at on the Healthy Communities Count! Final Report page.


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