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Endres Processing, LLC
Revised, November 2005

Aerial photo of Endres and surroundings


The Endres Processing facility converts discarded bakery and snack food into feed for livestock. The plant emits steam, along with many other natural or organic chemicals including acids and aldehydes. Process equipment includes a sawdust fired burner that provides process heat to a rotary feed dryer. Shredded food wrappers and packages are also used as fuel. The Endres Processing facility is located in the northeast corner of Rosemount, Minnesota. A landfill, other industrial facilities, farmland and a few residences are within 500 meters of the facility. Compliance testing of Endres Processing emissions occurred in 2003 and 2004.

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requested that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) evaluate emissions from Endres Processing, LLC, to determine if the emissions are a public health issue for nearby residents. This request resulted from numerous citizen complaints to the Minnesota Duty Officer, including 48 complaints about emissions from Endres Processing between August 2003 and July 2004. This information sheet does not address the cumulative impact of Endres emissions in combination with other facilities depicted in the accompanying photo above.

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What are the public health concerns?

The organic acids and aldehydes emitted by the facility are common to many agricultural drying operations and could be irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and skin. These compounds also have odors. However, like many facilities in the state, there is not sufficient information available to determine whether air emissions from the facility have been high enough to cause short term health impacts. Also, more data are needed to determine if there could be long term impacts to health. However, all computer-based modeling of ambient air near the facility and ambient air monitors located near the facility indicate compliance with federal and state ambient air quality standards.

The use of food wrappers and packaging for fuel in the manufacturing process at Endres could form dioxins. Recently, as a precautionary measure, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took samples of the Endres product to analyze for dioxins. Results showed dioxins below regulatory compliance limits. More information about dioxins can be found on the MDH website in Facts about Dioxins.

Facility modifications are underway. Modifications include the installation of a thermal oxidizer to burn chemical emissions, a baghouse to collect particulates, and a heat exchanger to separate the dryer burner gases from the product. These changes in emissions control equipment and the manufacturing process should result in a noticeable reduction in emissions from the facility, and further reduce any dioxins in the feed product.

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1. After facility modifications are complete:

  • Air emissions should be tested for the following chemicals at appropriately low detection limits: aldehydes (including acrolein, benzaldehyde, crotonaldehyde and gluteraldehyde), organic acids (including formic and acetic acid), nitrosamines, acrylamide, and acrylonitrile.
  • Site specific air dispersion modeling of emissions should be done to determine peak (short term) concentrations of emitted chemicals and average long term concentrations.
  • Pollution control equipment should be operated with parameters that are unfavorable to dioxin formation.

2. Because dioxin formation is more likely in the presence of copper, reasonable measures should be considered to avoid sawdust fuel from wood containing copper preservatives.

What will MDH do?

When the control equipment and other changes in the manufacturing process are completed, MDH will review new test data from the facility. When this review is completed, MDH will write a Health Consultation describing current conditions at the facility, and implications for public health. MDH will work with the MPCA and Endres to keep the community informed about facility modifications and testing.

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Printable information sheet: Endres Processing, LLC. (PDF: 304KB/2 pages)

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