About Hazardous Sites and Releases
in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) through the Site Assessment and Consultation Unit (SAC) evaluates public health risks at sites or facilities where chemicals have been released into the environment.

Site Information:

Site Specific Information: Hazardous Waste Sites in Minnesota

Public health activities related to contaminant releases, include:

  • Health evaluations of contaminant releases at sites containing hazardous substances. Assessment of: 1) contaminant levels in soil, sediments, water, and air; 2) contaminant transport and environmental fate; 3) contaminant toxicity; and 4) exposure pathways.
  • Technical assistance to other governmental agencies and local government bodies on environmental health issues, to inform regulatory actions and decision-making that protects health. 
  • Health education activities for community members to ensure people who live near contaminated sites understand how to reduce/eliminate their exposure and protect their health.
  • Community engagement to inform people of the environmental health evaluation results and recommendations through public comment opportunities, participation in community meetings, distributing electronic and print materials, and through media releases.
  • Education and training of health care providers to build capacity in the health professional community for responding to concerns related to exposures to environmental contaminants. 


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