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Gopher State Ethanol - Public Health Assessment

The Gopher State Ethanol Public Health Assessment is available. If you are unable to download a copy or prefer to have one sent to you, please contact us.

For additional information contact:

Rita Messing
Minnesota Department of Health
625 North Robert Street
P.O. Box 64975 St. Paul, MN 55164

Click below to open the Public Health Assessment Report in Adobe PDF format. Due to size, the PDF documents are separated — the main report and appendices A to D. Please note: the documents are very large and may take several minutes to open/download depending on your internet connection.

Public Health Assessment: Gopher State Ethanol, City of St. Paul (PDF: 481KB/59 pages)


  1. Appendix A: Three Citizen Journals and Complaints of Odors, Health Effects and Noise (PDF: 344KB/7 pages)
  2. Appendix B: Proposed Emissions Testing and Mechanical Improvements at GSE (PDF: 401KB/4 pages)
  3. Appendix C: Public Comments to the Draft Gopher State Ethanol PHA (PDF: 3800KB/70 pages)
  4. Titled Photos of Uncharacterized Stack Emissions At The MBC/GSE Facility (PDF: 388KB/8 pages)
  5. Appendix E: St. Croix Sensory Odor Descriptor Histograms (PDF: 148KB/x6 pages)
  6. Appendix F: GSE Amended Consent Decree Summary Tables for Control Equipment Monitoring Requirements and Emission Limits (PDF: 136KB/3 pages)

The Public Health Assessment Report can also be downloaded as a ZIP file called Gopher State Ethanol or The ZIP file includes the full report including the appendices. If you do not have ZIP software installed on your computer, you can download the software at WinZip or PKUNZIP.

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