Washington County Landfill - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Washington County Sanitary Landfill

Public Health Assessment: Perfluorochemical Contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Washington County, Minnesota, August 29, 2008 (PDF)
MDH, in cooperation with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), prepared the above Public Health Assessment (PHA) on perfluorochemical contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Minnesota.

Perfluorochemical (PFC)-containing wastes were disposed of by the 3M Company at the 3M-Oakdale Disposal Site in Oakdale and the former Washington County Landfill in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. PFCs were released from the two sites resulting in contamination of groundwater and nearby drinking water wells. The PHA is an evaluation of the potential public health concerns associated with the PFC contamination.

For more information, see the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Webpage Perfluorochemical (PFC) waste sites.


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