Hazardous Sites and Substances in Minnesota
3M Oakdale Site
June 2005

The 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site (sometimes called the 3M Oakdale/Granada Dump) is located along Hwy 5 in Oakdale, just west of Interstate 694, and is listed as a Superfund site on EPA's National Priority List (see Additional information below for map). It consists of three old chemical waste dump sites (Abresch, Brockman, and Eberle sites) that were used during the late 1940s-1950s for waste burial, drum reclamation, and open burning of combustible materials. 3M has indicated that perfluorochemical (PFC) waste was disposed at this site. Ground and surface water near the area is contaminated with a wide variety of organic chemicals. Soil contamination also occurred at the site.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) first investigated the 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site in 1980. A variety of hazardous substances, particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs), were found at the site. Some nearby shallow residential wells showed levels of VOCs in the past, but these homes are now on city water.

3M has taken remedial action to address soil and groundwater contamination: a large volume of waste material and contaminated soil was removed from the site; the site was covered with clean soil; monitoring wells were put in to sample the groundwater on a regular basis; and a groundwater pump-out system was constructed at the site in 1984-85 to intercept the pollutants in portions of the shallow aquifer. The pump-out system is still in operation today.

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PFCs at the 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site
More recently, perfluorochemicals (PFCs) have also been detected in the monitoring wells at the 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site. Perfluorochemicals are a family of manmade chemicals that have been used for decades to make products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water. They were produced from the late 1940s until 2002 by 3M at its Cottage Grove facility. PFC-containing wastes, disposed in area landfills, have seeped into the groundwater and contaminated one private well southeast of the 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site, a number of private wells in western Lake Elmo, and some of the Oakdale Municipal Wells.

MPCA and MDH are currently working to determine how much, if any, of this contamination may be related to PFC wastes in the 3M - Oakdale Disposal Site. Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters are being used at the 3M Cottage Grove facility and for private wells in Lake Elmo to remove PFCs from drinking water that exceeds the MDH health-based exposure limit.

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