Exposure and Health Investigations- Site Assessment and Consultation- EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Exposure and Health Investigations

Exposure and health investigations of substances in the environment help to increase understanding of the risks a substance may pose to health.

Studies can involve collection of environmental and biological samples, administration of survey instruments (e.g., questionnaires or interviews), analysis and interpretation of data, and dissemination of results to study participants and others.

The files below provide information on studies the Site Assessment and Consultation Unit have participated with in MDH:

The Minnesota Arsenic Study (MARS) (PDF)

Nitrate Exposure and Infant Risk Study (NEXIR) (PDF)

Northeast Minneapolis Community Vermiculite Investigation (NMCVI)

Biomonitoring Studies in the Environmental Health Division

Chemicals in People: Biomonitoring

Chemically Contaminated South Minneapolis Residence, Health Consultation, March 2002 (PDF)

Excel Dairy

Mercury in a St. Paul Residence, Health Consultation, September 2001 (PDF)


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