Ventilation Calculator for Mercury Vapor Reduction: Minnesota Dept. of Health

Mercury Flooring Ventilation Calculator for Mercury Vapor Reduction

The calculator below will provide a rough estimate of A) the mercury vapor concentration in a gym under different ventilation and temperature conditions; B) the ventilation needed to attain a target mercury concentration in a school gym with a mercury-containing polymer floor. Enter gym and testing information into all yellow boxes, and the green boxes will show the estimated results. Please click on the "refresh calculations" button at the bottom if the input values are changed after the initial values have been entered. Note: All the yellow boxes must have values before an estimate will be calculated.

Outputs of this calculator are estimates from the best available model. However, results are only estimates. Mercury vapor testing needs to be conducted to determine the actual mercury vapor concentrations under any set of conditions in a gym with a mercury-containing floor. MDH makes no guarantee that the estimates produced by this calculator are suitable for any particular building.

MDH is interested in hearing about your experience using this calculator. Did the results of this calculator accurately predict mercury vapor testing results? Please provide us with feedback at:


Site Specific Gym Data

      Gym Dimensions          
Length (ft)
Width (ft)
Height (ft)
    Test 1     Test 2   Turnovers per hour  
          Change in ventilation (CFM)
    Mercury vapor concentration (ng/m3)
  Mercury vapor concentration (ng/m3)
    Floor temperature (F)
Floor temperature (F)


  Estimated Mercury Vapor Concentration          
Estimated Ventilation
  Anticipated Ventilation (CFM)
Target Mercury vapor concentration (ng/m3)
  Floor temperature (F)
  Floor temperature (F)
    Modeled Mercury Vapor Concentration     Required change in ventilation  
  Change from Test #1
        Change from Test #2
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