Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) and Health

The links on this page provide information on perfluorochemicals and health related topics, including a topic overview, health guidelines for drinking water, toxicological studies for PFBA, and information on a biomonitoring pilot program.

Overview of Perfluorochemicals and Health

  • This overview includes information on what PFCs are, how they occur, where they are found, PFCs and the environment and health issues related to exposure to PFCs.

Health Guidelines for PFCs in Drinking Water

  • Included on this page is information about Health Risk Limits and Health Based Values for levels in water which MDH considers safe for people to drink.

Biomonitoring (Perfluorochemicals)

  • Information about the East Metro Perfluorochemical Biomonitoring Pilot Project is available on this page.  This study was done to measure perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in the blood of people who had PFCs in their drinking water.

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