Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in Minnesota

Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are a family of manmade chemicals that have been used for decades to make products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water. PFCs have been found in the groundwater in Minnesota. 

PFCs are “emerging contaminants.” This term describes contaminants about which we have a new awareness or understanding about how they move in the environment or affect public health. PFCs, like other emerging contaminants, are the focus of active research and study which means that new information is released periodically.

Topic Areas:

  • PFCs and Health

    - Overview of PFCs and Health
    - Health Guidelines for PFCs in Drinking Water
    - Biomonitoring (PFCs)
  • PFCs and Fish

    - Site-Specific Meal Advice for Tested Lakes and Rivers
    - Perfluorochemicals in fish Fillets from Minnesota
    - Frequently Asked Questions
  • PFCs and Water

    - Water Analysis and Treatment
    - PFCs in Minnesota Water

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Updated Monday, February 02, 2015 at 04:39PM