Public Health Assessment: Perfluorochemical Contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Washington County, Minnesota

MDH, in cooperation with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), has prepared a final release of a Public Health Assessment (PHA) on “Perfluorochemical Contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Minnesota.” The report is dated August 29, 2008.   

Perfluorochemical (PFC)-containing wastes were disposed of by the 3M Company (3M) at the 3M-Oakdale Disposal Site in Oakdale and the former Washington County Landfill in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. PFCs were released from the two sites resulting in contamination of groundwater and nearby drinking water wells. The PHA is an evaluation of the potential public health concerns associated with the PFC contamination.

PFCs have been detected in public and private wells across a wide area of Oakdale and Lake Elmo. Exposure to PFCs in drinking water at levels above health concern is currently largely being prevented in Oakdale by the operation of a carbon filtration plant and by careful management of the city wells and distribution system. In Lake Elmo, exposure through drinking water in private wells to levels of PFCs above health concern is being prevented by the connection of approximately 200 homes to municipal water, and by offering bottled water and whole-house activated carbon filters to 55 other homes that have been issued a drinking water well advisory by MDH. Remedial actions by 3M and the MPCA to address the PFCs at the two disposal sites are beginning in late 2008.

The August 29, 2008 PHA was prepared after the issuance of a Health-Based Value (HBV) for perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) in February 2008, and the HBV and its implications are addressed in the final document.  Comments received during the public comment period for the document are also included in Appendix 4.

Public Health Assessment: Perfluorochemical Contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Washington County, Minnesota - August 2008

Full document (PDF: 9,999KB/173 pages)

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Summary, Intro and Background (PDF: 257KB/23 pages)
Evaluation of Environmental Fate & Exposure Pathways (146KB/8 pages)
Public Health Implications of Exposure (163KB/10 pages)
Child Health Considerations/Conclusions/Recommendations/Public Health Action Plan (164KB/3 pages)
References/Preparers of Report/Certification (1,302KB/11 pages)
Glossary (199KB/16 pages)
Appendix 1: Figures (5,073KB/21 pages)
Appendix 2: MDH HBVs for PFOX & PFOA (1,086KB/27 pages)
Appendix 3: MDH Special Well Construction Area, March 8, 2007 (2,120KB/47 pages)
Appendix 4: Comments on the Conclusions/Recommendations: (1,393KB/33 pages)


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