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MDH and Dunwoody College Partnership - New Eco Experience Exhibit Project

A group of EH staff worked with students and professors from Dunwoody College to design and build a new exhibit for the Eco Experience Building at the State Fair. The new exhibit “I am connected to my drinking water” has interactive and informational pieces. Visitors can learn how drinking water affects health, where drinking water comes from, and how to protect it. The exhibit will be expanded annually over the next five years through a contract with Dunwoody College.

state fair attendee with the eco experience exhibitThe new partnership between Dunwoody College and MDH has provided an opportunity for students to learn new skills and build their resumes, as well a to spread knowledge about EH programs and topics to the Dunwoody College community. EH had 55 staff volunteer at the Eco Experience Building this year, interacting with an estimated 252,329 people who came through. The State Fair had record attendance, with over 2 million people in 2018. Dunwoody College produced a video showcasing the collaborative process for creating the new water quality exibit. The video is available on YouTube.


New Lead and Copper Sampling Video for Minnesota Residents

EH Division Wells Management and Drinking Water Protection Staff created a new Lead and Copper Sampling video. This video will help residents and community and non-community operators take compliant lead and copper drinking water samples.

Updated Guidance for Radon Testing in Schools

The Minnesota Department of Health Indoor Air Unit has updated their Guidance for Radon Testing in Minnesota Schools (PDF). While most of the radon testing plan for schools remains the same, some key changes have been made to the guidance document:

  • Information about the licensing of radon measurement professionals in Minnesota, which will begin on January 1, 2019.
  • Reference to the ANSI/AARST ‘Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products in Schools and Large Buildings’.
  • New recommendations encouraging schools to use short term testing over long term testing.
  • Information about how schools can purchase discounted short term test kits through the State’s Master Contract.
  • An updated School Radon Testing Reporting Form (PDF). A fillable form of this document is now available.

Just a reminder that under MN Statute 123B.571, if a school district received authority to use long-term facilities maintenance revenue to conduct radon testing, the school district is required to follow the state radon testing plan discussed in this guidance document. The school district shall also report the radon test results at a school board meeting and to MDH.

If a school or consultant has any questions about radon testing in schools, please feel free to contact the Indoor Air Unit at health.indoorair@state.mn.us.

WCCO Story: Low Income Radon Mitigation Project

The Environmental Health Division's Indoor Air Unit has a project in collaboration with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance. The pilot project arranges radon mitigations for individuals with high radon levels, who don't have the means to mitigate. This MDH regulatory programs is looking beyond regulation to improve public health. Our staff are partnering with other programs and organizations to support new and novel ways to affect public health by bringing industry, cancer control, and MDH together.

This effort involves A Breath of Hope, Midwest Radon Specialists, and MDH. You can find the video in the link below.

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