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Freedom to Breathe Compliance Assistance

Introduction to Compliance Assistance Letters

The Minnesota Department of Health has developed a tool to help us ensure that employers, managers and other persons in charge of indoor facilities understand the Freedom to Breath provisions of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act (MCIAA) that become effective October 1, 2007.

If you observe a violation of the MCIAA, MDH encourages you to send the attached compliance letter to the facility operator or manager as an educational tool to inform them or remind them of the MCIAA changes. MDH experience has shown that the majority of facility owners and managers will comply with the MCIAA once they understand the requirements of the law.

Assisting us with the distribution of these letters will allow us to focus our limited resources on addressing those facilities that have refused to comply even after they have been provided the assistance and information required to comply. Please send a copy of letters that you have sent to the MDH Indoor Air Unit.

If you find that a facility has not complied after the letter was sent and the facility had sufficient time to comply (usually a couple of weeks), then enforcement actions should be initiated either at the local or state level. Contact MDH to speak to an Indoor Air Unit staff-person about filing a formal compliant.

Thank you for your assistance in helping facilities comply with the Freedom to Breathe provisions of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act.

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