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Radon Mitigation "Do-it-yourself"

Are you a "do-it-yourself" homeowner that is interested in reducing the radon levels in your home? If you are, the radon companies below are offering basic radon mitigation services. These services are targeted to homeowners that have basic carpentry skills but would like more guidance in how a mitigation system works and how to install an effective system.

With the cost of an average mitigation being $1500 - $2000, there is a substantial savings by doing it yourself.

Ameradon Services, LLC
Tom Hamberg (NRPP #105632RMT)
Phone: 507-304-3537
Website: Ameradon Services

Services provided:

  • Assistance with radon testing and mitigation project
  • Technicians will complete an inspection of your home and use advanced diagnostics to help you design a safe and effective radon mitigation system for your home
  • Materials for your mitigation system can be purchased directly from us

Croix Valley Radon Mitigation - Indoor Air Health Advisor
Val Riedman (NRPP #103414RMT)
Phone: 1-888-481-6870 or 715-554-0460
Email: See website for online form
Website: Croix Valley Radon Mitigation

Services provided:

  • Online tutorial and guidance
  • Email or phone consultations
  • Specialized mitigation equipment sales
  • On-site system design
  • Provide tools and labor with difficult aspects of the project

Healthy Homes
Eric Carlson (NRPP #104214RMT)
Robert Carlson (NRPP #103015RMT)
William Carlson (NRPP #104243RMT)
Phone: 952-220-9409
Website: Healthy Homes

Services provided:

  • Basic knowledge about radon and radon mitigation systems
  • Design a system for your home
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Core drilling
  • Provide you with all of the materials for the system

Home Safety Solutions
Greg Comer (NRPP #104324RMT)
Walter Donnay (NRPP #104322RMT)
Phone: 763-434-3263
Website: Home Safety Solutions

Services provided:

  • Mitigation design help
  • Fan and pipe guides
  • Email picture review of house
  • Phone consultation
  • Site visits

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