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Licensing for Radon Professionals

The Minnesota Radon Licensing Act (Minnesota Statutes 144.4961) was passed by the legislature and signed into law in May 2015. This act gives Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) the authority to write rules and enforce laws related to the radon industry in the state.

All licensing requirements go into effect January 1, 2019.

Who needs a license?

Professionals that measure or mitigate radon and companies that mitigate radon or perform radon lab analysis, must be licensed by MDH. You can apply online through the radon licensing system.

  • Measurement professionals: an individual who places and retrieves test device in buildings they do not own or lease.
  • Mitigation professionals: an individual who installs or designs a radon mitigation system in a building they do not own or lease, or provides on-site supervision of mitigation work.
  • Mitigation companies: a business or government entity that employs one or more licensed mitigation professional and performs or authorizes employees to perform radon mitigation.
  • Radon Analysis Laboratories: a business or government entity that analyzes passive radon test devices for the presence or concentration of radon. Contact MDH for information on licensing as a laboratory at 651-201-4601.

More specific licensing information:

Who does not need a license?

No license is required for the following:

  • Testing radon concentrations in a building that you own or lease
  • Installing a mitigation system in a building that you own or lease
  • Installing radon control systems in newly constructed homes, prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued
  • Providing radon testing devices or information for general education purposes
  • A building official or that person’s designee
  • Hardware stores that sell test kits
  • Mitigation technicians if they are supervised on-site by a licensed radon professional


Measurement professionals must complete an initial measurement radon training course approved by MDH and pass the exam. Mitigation professionals must complete the initial measurement course and the initial mitigation course and pass exams for both courses. Courses can be taken in-person or online. License applicants must submit proof they have completed the initial training(s) and passed the exam(s) when they apply.

Approved courses and exams:

Here are some upcoming classroom training courses offered in Minnesota that we have been informed of:

Licensing Cost

All radon licenses are valid for one year.

  • Measurement Professional License: $150 per year
  • Mitigation Professional License: $250 per year (a mitigation professional license includes a measurement license)
  • Mitigation Company License: $100 per year (this fee is waived if the company employs or contracts one licensed mitigation professional)
  • Radon Analysis Laboratory: $500 per year (waived for government entity distributing tests kits to general public)

Radon System Tags

All mitigation systems installed by professionals must have a MDH issued tag. Licensed mitigation companies and sole proprietor mitigation professionals can purchase tags ($75 per tag). Tags must be purchased online from MDH. A licensed mitigation professional (employed or contracted by the company) or a sole proprietor mitigation professional must attach tags.

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