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Resources for Medical Providers

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) partners with medical providers to offer radon education and lung cancer prevention initiatives.

In Minnesota, 2 in 5 homes have high radon levels that pose a significant health risk. In general, the percentage of properties that have tested with more than 4 picoCuries per L are greater in teh south and western part of the state.

This partnership may meet the requirements of various accreditation programs including the Commission on Cancer’s Cancer Program Standards. MDH can offer a variety of services and resources to our medical partners. MDH can provide:

  • Staff training
  • Patient education
  • Community forums
  • Brochures and educational materials
  • Social media, newsletter, web and press release content on radon
  • A table with radon information at an event
  • Free radon test kits with ability to track usage, radon concentration and zip code

This is a free program and all materials are free. The medical provider decides what level of participation is appropriate.
Physicians, nurses and health care professionals are in an ideal position to educate patients and the larger community about this potentially preventable cause of lung cancer death. We believe working with hospitals, cancer centers, and clinics would be an ideal opportunity for partnership.

Steps You Can Take

  • Contact the Indoor Air Unit, 651-201-4601 or to discuss partnering with MDH on our free radon education program.
  • Provide MDH’s free radon brochures at your medical facility.
  • Provide patients with radon test kits and information on radon, especially patients coming in for lung nodule x-rays.
  • Include a question on radon testing in your patient intake form.
  • Refer patients with more questions to MDH.


Reducing Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions

A Breath of Hope Foundation - A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation works to fight lung cancer by funding innovative research, promoting outreach, and educating and supporting patients.

CanSAR - Cancer Survivors Againts Radon (CanSAR) is a nonprofit organization founded in Illinois that works to share stories of those whose lives have been affected by radon-induced lung cancer.

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