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State Indoor Radon Grant (SIRG) - Radon Program

January is National Radon Action Month

Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed January "Radon Action Month" in Minnesota, urging residents to take simple and affordable steps to test their homes for harmful levels of radon gas.

2012 National Radon Action Month Ad One 2012 National Radon Action Month Ad Two

Educational Radon Posters - House High Resolution (JPEG)
Educational Radon Posters - House Low Resolution (JPEG)
Educational Radon Posters - Lungs High Resolution (JPEG)
Educational Radon Posters - Lungs Low Resolution (JPEG)

State Indoor Radon Grant

The State Indoor Radon Grant (SIRG) is a federal grant created under the 1988 Indoor Radon Abatement Act (IRAA) and administrated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This grant distributes money to state and tribal agencies for the purpose of protecting the health of the public from the risks of radon related lung cancer. The IRAA set forth a listing of eligible radon related activities to be done in order to receive SIRG funding. 

Eligible activities include:

1) Implementation of radon surveys
2) Development of public information and educational materials
3) Implementation of programs to control radon in existing and new structures
4) Purchase of radon measurement equipment or devices
5) Purchase and maintenance of analytical equipment
6) Payment of EPA approved training programs for state employees
7) Payment of general overhead and development
8) Development of data storage systems for radon information
9) Purchase of materials for mitigation demonstration projects

MDH Radon Program

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Indoor Air Unit is currently undertaking a multi-faceted approach to radon education in accordance with SIRG guidelines. It reports on outcomes and progress in pursuing established programmatic goals. 

These goals include:

  • Sustaining and increasing the number of new homes built with active radon reduction systems
  • Developing resources for homeowners who wish to install radon mitigation systems in their own home
                - Do-it-Yourself
                - Contractor Listing
                - Advanced Diagnostics
  • Increasing the competence and capacity of radon testers and mitigators operating within the state
                - Hard to Mitigate Homes
                - Advanced Diagnostics Course
  • Establishing and maintaining a collaborative network of organizations and stakeholders working to reduce the risk that radon poses to Minnesotans
                - Schools
                - Medical Community
                - Real Estate
                - Social Justice
  • Continuing our efforts of community education and outreach
                - Quarterly Meetings
                - Home Shows


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