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Healthy School Environments Training

School Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Coordinator and Environmental Health Training

To qualify for health and safety revenue, a school board must adopt a health and safety policy. The policy must include provisions for implementing a health and safety program that complies with health, safety, and environmental regulations and best practices, including indoor air quality (IAQ) management. One best practice is that public schools have an IAQ Coordinator. This training will discuss the state’s best practices for school IAQ management. This year’s training is being expanded to include an overview of other school environmental health topics (such as drinking water, physical hazards, energy efficiency).

Although charter and non-public schools do not qualify to receive health and safety revenue, both entities are encouraged to have an IAQ Coordinator and follow the state’s best practices for IAQ management. There is no cost for this training (lunch is NOT provided).


The Minnesota Departments of Health (MDH) holds four school indoor air quality and environmental health trainings in August. The trainings will prepare school officials to assess their buildings and policies, and implement plans to address identified issues. After completion of the training, attendees will receive a certificate.


  • School officials, service providers, health professionals, and others that want to learn more about school environmental health laws, guidance
    and resources
  • Public school districts that need an IAQ Coordinator (expect to lose their current person or want a second person trained)

Individuals that attended a previous IAQ training meet best practices; there is no ‘refresher training’ expectation. Previous attendees, however, may want to attend again as the curriculum has changed over the years, and this year’s training has been expanded to cover other environmental health topics.

When and Where:

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