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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Fact Sheets and Brochures

Lead Educational Materials Order Form (PDF: 23KB/2 pages)

MDH Fact Sheets and Brochures

Metal Toxicity From Ayurvedic Medications (HTML)

The PDF below is a tri-fold:

English version of the brochure Metal Toxicity from Aryurvedic Medications (pdf)

Childhood Lead Exposure: Are Your Kids at Risk?

The PDF below is a tri-fold:

English (PDF)

Childhood Lead Poisoning Information: Help to Make Lead Poisoning a Thing of the Past (HTML)

The PDFs below are tri-folds:

Hmong (PDF: 81KB/2 pages) | Karen (PDF: 3.4MB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 82KB/2 pages)

Cleaning Up Sources of Lead in the Home (HTML)

English (PDF: 961KB/2 pages) | Hmong (PDF: 394KB/2 pages) | Somali (PDF: 361KB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 392KB/2 pages)

Common Sources of Lead (HTML)

English (PDF: 30KB/2 pages) | Somali (PDF: 104KB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 31KB/2 pages)

Is Lead A Problem In Your Home? (HTML)

English (PDF: 558KB/2 pages)

NEW Lead and Gardening (HTML)

English (PDF: 61KB/2 pages)

Lead Exposure During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (HTML)

The PDFs below are tri-folds:

English (PDF: 79KB/2 pages) | Hmong (PDF: 37KB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 38KB/2 pages)

Steps To Help Lower Your Child's Blood Lead Level (HTML)

English (PDF: 171KB/2 pages) | Hmong (PDF: 261KB/2 pages) | Somali (PDF: 293KB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 257KB/2 pages)

Take-Home Lead: A Preventable Risk for Your Family (HTML)

English (PDF: 58KB/2 pages)

Toys and Lead (HTML)

English (PDF: 103KB/1 page)

What is Lead Poisoning? (HTML)

English (PDF: 23KB/2 pages) | Somali (PDF: 24KB/2 pages) | Spanish (PDF: 169KB/2 pages)

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Remodeling the Older Home

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Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP)

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Lead in Water
(Drinking Water Protection Brochures & Fact Sheets)

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Other Resources





University of Minnesota Extension Services

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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Translated Fact Sheets

The links listed below are websites that have resources translated into other languages that you may find useful.

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