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Lead Poisoning Prevention
Homeowner Information

New HomeownersLead poisoning is a concern for both children and adults - breathing or eating anything that contains too much lead can cause serious health problems. Young children suffering from lead poisoning can experience learning, behavior and health problems. Adults exposed to too much lead can suffer from high blood pressure, kidney damage, and fertility problems. The good news is that lead poisoning is preventable. You can protect yourself and your family from lead by reviewing the information on the following web pages.

Remodeling the Older Home - Before doing any work on an older home, you will want to review this information so you can protect yourself and your family from lead poisoning caused by remodeling activities.

Find a Contractor or Consultant - Don't want to do the work yourself or want to find out if there is lead paint in your home? Use this interactive web page to find a lead contractor or consultant near you.

Hiring a Contractor - If you're going to hire a contractor, here's how to make sure they are properly credentialed and trained in order to protect your family from lead hazards generated by renovation or abatement activities.

Lead in Drinking Water - this page provides Information and guidance for lead in drinking water.

Lead Hazards and Vintage Items - Furnishing the home with vintage items appeals to many homeowners for various reason. Regardless of the reasons for using vintage items in the home, care must be taken to avoid lead poisoning.

Lead Poisoning FAQ's - Check this web page for basic information on what lead poisoning is and how to protect your family from it.

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