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These pages are to assist lead professionals with issues such as company certification, individual licensure and notification. Training course providers may also notify for training courses.

Lead Firm Certification can help those interested in becoming a certified lead firm meet the state qualifications.

Individual Lead Licensing assists those who are interested in obtaining individual lead licenses whether it be for a Lead Worker, Supervisor, Inspector, Risk Assessor, or Project Designer. You can also see if an individual's license is current on this page.

Forms has the required applications for certification and licensing as well as other documents to make sure your job complies with Minnesota's Lead Laws and Rules.

Accredited Laboratories lists laboratories in Minnesota that may analyze various types of lead samples.

Laws and Rules are the official regulations of the State of Minnesota that all contractors should be familiar with and must comply with.

Lead Independent Examination is an EPA requirement for the disciplines of Lead Supervisor, Inspector and Risk Assessor. Find out how to register for it and where it's being offered.

Notification provides information to lead professionals on the notification requirements set by MDH. Information regarding what type of work, how to notify MDH and when to notify is discussed.

Pre-Renovation Education (PRE) and the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) provides a brief overview of what is required by the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulation.

Training Courses allows you to search for currently offered lead training courses.

Training Course Providers Login allows training course providers to notify for training courses electronically and to amend or cancel classes electronically.

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