Lead Poisoning Prevention
Individual Lead Licensing

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Why is licensing necessary?

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licenses individuals who conduct the following lead disciplines:

  • Lead Worker
  • Lead Supervisor
  • Lead Inspector
  • Lead Risk Assessor
  • Lead Project Designer

This licensing ensures that individuals performing these activities are properly trained and qualified.

What are the training requirements?

For initial licensing in any lead discipline, you must complete an MDH approved initial training course for that lead discipline. If you are currently licensed in another state, you must take an MDH approved refresher training course for that lead discipline.

What are the experience or qualification requirements?

The following table outlines all the necessary experience and qualification requirements for the various lead disciplines.

Experience requirements for Lead Licensing (PDF: 20KB/ 1 page)

NOTE: The disciplines of Lead Inspector, Lead Risk Assessor and Lead Supervisor require a passing grade of 70% or better on the Lead Independent Examination.

Is there a fee for licensing?

The following list indicates the application fees for the various lead disciplines:

  • Lead Worker - $50
  • Lead Supervisor - $50
  • Lead Inspector - $50
  • Lead Risk Assessor - $100
  • Lead Project Designer - $100

A cashier's check, business check or money order for the fee must be submitted with the application. Personal checks are not accepted.

What do I need to submit to MDH for licensing?

You need to submit the following items to MDH. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

NOTE: If you have been previously licensed in another state and are applying for your initial Minnesota lead license, you must submit copies of your initial training course diploma and all subsequent refresher training course diplomas.

How long is my license good for?

Your license is good for one year from the date of completion on the most recently submitted training course diploma.

I want to see if an individual's license is current. How can I do that?

Use the search engine on the Look-up Individual Licenses web page to see if an individual is current or expired.

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