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Lead Poisoning Prevention
Blood Lead Electronic Data Submission

The Blood Lead Information system (BLIS) is a system for tracking all blood lead test results in the state.

Blood Lead Reporting is a public health specialized registry for meaningful use or MIPS (MACRA) in Minnesota. This specialized registry option is available to eligible professionals/eligible clinicians who conduct blood lead testing, including tests using point-of-care machines, and report results electronically to MDH using the HL7 2.5.1 ELR specification. Reporting lead results from hospitals is covered under the ELR (electronic lab reporting) option for meaningful use.

Graphic listing steps to take to register for electronic reporting


All clinics/clinicians/professionals wanting to submit electronic blood lead data to MDH are required to first register whether participating in incentive programs or not.

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Sending information to MDH electronically does not satisfy the meaningful use/MIPS (MACRA) criteria by itself. The information must be sent using standards that have been developed to send health-related information between health care information systems. As part of pre-testing, the MDH blood lead program requires all facilities/laboratories to generate and evaluate test messages prior to submitting test messages to MDH. MDH will provide message formatting information prior to the pre-testing process.


Onboarding includes testing and validation and then moving to production/ongoing submission. A queue may be initiated depending on the number of clinics/clinicians/professionals registered and the priority list established by the MDH Blood Lead Program.


Contact health.bloodleadresults@state.mn.us for questions and more information.

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