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Full Installation - Rapid Inspection 2007 (Password required for installation) - Release Date - September 12, 2013

This is the full installation of the program version 1.0.17. If you need to update to version 1.0.17, you can update it using the "Update File" below.

download RI 2007 archive

Rapid Inspection 2007 Installation Archive - zip file (for IT administrator use)

NOTE: Please read the "Read Me" file for instructions on how to use these files.

Current Updates:

Rapid Inspection 2007 version 1.0.18 Update - Release Date - January 2014

download RI2007 version 18

Rapid Inspection update version 1.0.18 is intended to update your software from version 1.0.17 to version 1.0.18. You MUST have version 1.0.17 installed prior to performing this update. Please insure your software is updated to this version as this insures your codes citations and rules are up to date.

Note: Rapid Inspection 2007 is supported on computers using Windows Vista and newer. If using WIndows 8.1 the digital signature capability is reduced. You will need to capture your signature from an image file to place your signature into the inspectors signature box. You will not be able to capture the customers signature.

RI 2007 User's Manual (PDF: 16MB/116 pages)

Record Removal Utility - Download Release Date September 10, 2010


This utility will scan all records in your existing Rapid Inspection 2007 database and allow you to quickly remove unwanted records for an entire city, county, or inspections that have past the user set retention schedule for your agency Record Removal Utility Read Me (PDF: 14KB/1 page).

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