Environmental Health
Knowledge Management Project (EHKMP) 2005 - 2010

Steering Committee


In late November 2005, the Minnesota Health Department’s Environmental Health Division (EHD) solicited volunteers to serve on the EHKMP Steering Committee (Steering Committee). Many well-qualified persons responded to the call for volunteers.  Keeping in mind the desire to bring together stakeholders with diverse programmatic interest and experience, the EHD Director made the final selections of Steering Committee members in mid December 2005.  


The Steering Committee included five local partner representatives, three MDH representatives, association representatives (one each from the Local Public Health Association and the Minnesota Environmental Health Association), an at-large member, and a MN-PHIN liaison.  

Staff members from the Information and Data Management Unit of the MDH’s Environmental Health Division (EHD) provided the Steering Committee with support for all administrative matters.  

Of all of the various partners who participated in the EHKMP, we would like to give particular recognition to the members of the EHKMP Steering Committee(PDF: 36KB/2 pages). The EHKMP accomplishments, and the fact that the project is being used as a model for other data sharing initiatives, speak to the tremendous amount of time, thought, and effort that the members of the Steering Committee put into executing their charge. Because of their dedication and contributions, the project has already improved the use and exchange of environmental public health data related to food, beverage and lodging services and drinking water/well management.


The primary responsibility of the Steering Committee was to guide and support the development of “Action Plans” for improving the collection and sharing of information pertaining to environmental health programs and services that are provided across the state. A Charter (PDF: 247KB/4 pages) was established which outlined the Steering Committee’s roles, responsibilities, and process to be used for decision making.  

Meeting Notes
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