Environmental Health
Knowledge Management Project (EHKMP) 2005 - 2010


Project Transition

The Environmental Health Knowledge Management Project (EHKMP), which is an endeavor that began to take shape in 2005, was the focus of laying the groundwork for improving data sharing among agencies responsible for the delivery of environmental health programs and services in Minnesota. Since that time, representatives of nearly 30 stakeholder groups have worked together on the various phases of the EHKMP to identify needs and opportunities for improving environmental health information access and usability.   

The collaborative efforts of these many partners have resulted in numerous recommendations and action steps for improving the accessibility and value of food program data as well as data pertaining to Minnesota‚Äôs public water supplies and private wells.   

The Environmental Health Division at MDH has moved from concentrating our efforts on facilitating the development of additional EHKMP Action Plans, to implementing the recommendations and action steps contained in existing plans. Those implementation endeavors are ones that will all contribute to improving the use and exchange of environmental public health data related to food, beverage and lodging services and drinking water/well management.   

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