Methamphetamine and Meth Labs
What to do if you find a meth lab

Anyone who believes he or she has discovered an illegal drug lab or the site of an abandoned lab should immediately
notify local law enforcement (Dial 911) and should not enter the area of the suspected lab.
Anyone who happens to enter a lab where meth is in the process of being manufactured should leave immediately– without disturbing the cooking process, chemicals or equipment.

Local law enforcement who make arrests at a “clandestine lab site” must notify the Minnesota Duty Officer (1-800-422-0798), the local city or county public health agency, and child protection with the location of the site.  Depending on the severity of contamination, the type of site and the individuals involved, one or more of the following agencies may need to be involved in investigation, evaluation, sampling or remediation of the site:

  • Local: fire department, bomb squads, hazardous materials (Hazmat) teams, city/county attorney, county agriculture, city/county health and licensing authorities, animal control, household hazardous waste, child protection, or other human service agency
  • State: Minnesota Duty Officer (1-800-422-0798), Highway Patrol, Pollution Control Agency, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Departments of Agriculture, Health, Natural Resources or Transportation, or the Attorney General
  • Federal: Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Private: environmental cleanup company, poison control center, hospital or clinic

See our First Responders page for more information about entering a lab safely.

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