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Further Reading

Articles Related to Meth and Meth Lab Hazards

Overview of Medical Toxicology and Potential for Exposures to Clandestine Drug Laboratories in California (PDF)
T. Ferguson, 2000; University of California, Davis
Ferguson focuses on health effects in children from lab environments

Methamphetamine Labs Community Risks and Public Health Responses (PDF)
J. Burgess, 1997; Washington Department of Public Health
Includes case reports, toxicity, and some brief treatment and response information

Chemical Hazards Related to Clandestine Drug Laboratories (PDF)
J. Hughart; Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Information on hazards of clandestine drug labs used to make meth as well as other drugs

Methamphetamines: An Epidemic of Clandestine Labs and Health Risk (PDF)
M. Chesley, 1999; Department of Emergency Medicine, Howard University Hospital
Detailed report on meth including its history, the chemicals used to make it, and the health effects

Hazardous Materials – Clandestine Drug Labs (PDF)
D. Peterson.
The article discusses injuries to responders, the kinds of drugs being produced in clan labs, the need for training and safe lab response procedures

Chemical Exposures Associated with Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories (PDF)
J. Martyny, S. Arbuckle, C. McCammon, E. Esswein, N. Erb
Discussion of a study done in Colorado to analyze the hazards of exposure to a meth lab.

Informational Documents

Defining Methamphetamine (PDF)
Minnesota Department of Health
Fact sheet with basic information and history of meth

Roadside Cleanup (PDF)
Minnesota Department of Health
Flyer for roadside cleanup crews about safety regarding meth lab waste

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