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Meth Lab Cleanup
Information for County Officials

Responsibilities of Local Authority Overseeing a Meth Lab Cleanup

Declare a public health nuisance
The authority to abate public health nuisances is described in Minnesota Statutes, section 145.04, subdivision 8. Meth labs are classified as public health nuisances per Minnesota Statutes, section 152.0275, subdivision 2(d)

This will require you to issue a ten-day letter to the owner of the property:

Prohibit re-occupancy of meth lab properties until remediation is complete.
This would require posting no-occupancy signs (similar to what you would do for a condemned property).

File affidavits on the title of the property with the Clerk of Court, County Recorder, or Registrar of Titles.

  • Declaring the property a meth lab
  • Recording that remediation was completed

Approve the contractor and work plan
MDH recommends using the following Contractors' Report to document the assessment and cleanup process:

Oversee the remediation
This would involve visiting the meth lab site to check on progress and how the remediation is going.

Recovery of Costs
You can recover costs of enforcement for removal and abatement of public health nuisances by following Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.08, subdivision 2.

Why is it called a ten-day letter?
MN Statute 145A.04 that describes the authority to abate public health nuisances sets this time-frame. The statute states that the authority "...shall order the owner or occupant of the property to remove or abate the threat within a time specified in the notice but not longer than ten days." Throughout this website, 'ten-day letter' and 'Notice of Public Health Nuisance' are used interchangeably.

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