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Laws Regarding Meth Lab Response in MN

Minnesota Statutes

Meth Legislation from 2005
H.F. No. 1, 5th Engrossment - 84th Legislative Session (2005-2006), 110.12-135.8
Lines 110.12-135.8 in this file relate to meth laws in Minnesota.

Minnesota Statutes, section 152.0275, subdivision 2(c)  
This requires that any property found to be a clandestine drug site cannot be occupied until it has been remediated according to the Department of Health's clandestine drug lab cleanup guidelines by a qualified contractor.

Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.04, subdivision 8  
This describes the authority to abate a public health nuisance, which will apply to local authorities who have to issue a notice to clean up a former meth lab.

Minnesota Statutes, section 513.55
This requires that during a real estate transaction a property owner must disclose facts pertaining to adverse physical condition of the property which includes the presence of a former meth lab.

Minnesota Statutes, section 609.378   
This regards the neglect or endangerment of children including having a child present around controlled substances and activities like selling or manufacturing controlled substances.

Further Resources

Methamphetamine Laws in Minnesota – May 2008
Information Brief from the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department. (Written by Jeffrey Diebel, Legislative Analyst and Dariel Weaver, Research Assistant); A summary of laws pertaining to methamphetamine including property and cleanup of meth labs.

2005 Meth Legislation Summary (PDF: 57KB/6 pages)
Prepared by the Ramsey County Attorney's Office

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