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Laws Regarding Meth Lab Response in MN

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Methamphetamine Laws in Minnesota
It is illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess methamphetamine in Minnesota. It is also illegal to possess methamphetamine precursor drugs with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine. This information brief explains the laws on methamphetamine, including crimes and penalties for violations of the law, restrictions on the sale of precursor drugs, and regulations regarding the use and cleanup of property used for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Minnesota Statutes, section 152.0275, subdivision 2(c)  
This requires that any property found to be a clandestine drug site cannot be occupied until it has been remediated according to the Department of Health's clandestine drug lab cleanup guidelines by a qualified contractor.

Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.04, subdivision 8  
This describes the authority to abate a public health nuisance, which will apply to local authorities who have to issue a notice to clean up a former meth lab.

Minnesota Statutes, section 513.55
This requires that during a real estate transaction a property owner must disclose facts pertaining to adverse physical condition of the property which includes the presence of a former meth lab.

Minnesota Statutes, section 609.378   
This regards the neglect or endangerment of children including having a child present around controlled substances and activities like selling or manufacturing controlled substances.

Further Resources

Methamphetamine Laws in Minnesota – May 2008
Information Brief from the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department. (Written by Jeffrey Diebel, Legislative Analyst and Dariel Weaver, Research Assistant); A summary of laws pertaining to methamphetamine including property and cleanup of meth labs.

2005 Meth Legislation Summary (PDF: 57KB/6 pages)
Prepared by the Ramsey County Attorney's Office

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