Methamphetamine and Meth Labs
Laws and Ordinances

See the following pages for information about Minnesota Statutes pertaining to Meth Response:

Minnesota Statutes, section 152.0275, subdivision 2(c)  Clandestine Lab
Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.04   Authority to abate public health nuisances
Minnesota Statutes, section 513.55   Real estate transactions: requirement to disclose facts pertaining to adverse physical condition of property.
Minnesota Statutes, section 609.378   Neglect or endangerment of a child

Further Resources:

Methamphetamine Laws in Minnesota – May 2008
Information Brief from the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department. (Written by Jeffrey Diebel, Legislative Analyst and Dariel Weaver, Research Assistant); A summary of laws pertaining to methamphetamine including property and cleanup of meth labs.

Methamphetamine Legislation from 2005

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