Methamphetamine and Meth Labs
What is made in a meth lab?

A meth lab or clandestine drug lab is a place where meth is manufactured or “cooked”.

  • Materials used in a meth lab are commonly used and readily available.
  • Other drugs may be manufactured or processed along with meth.

Photo of powdered methamphetamine

Meth “recipes” can be easily obtained through the internet or by associating with other people who “cook” meth. 

These “recipes” can include the following:

  • Over the counter medications that include pseudophedrine or ephedrine in their contents.
  • Combinations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acids, bases, metals, solvents and salts.
  • Chemical products and substances that are used interchangeably to produce meth in different forms.
  • Depending on the process and chemicals used, the final product can be tainted and have unwanted or dangerous effects.

Chemical reactions depend on the substances used and cause the process to be hazardous, frequently resulting in chemical fires, explosions, and the release of toxic gases.
Meth cooking also produces solid and liquid wastes that can contaminate a building and its contents, or the groundwater or soil where they are dumped.

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