Methamphetamine and Meth Labs
Meth and Property

Real Estate Property Issues

Complete cleanup of former labs is necessary before anyone uses the property. It is generally not considered safe for property owners to clean meth lab sites on their own. This work should be done by experienced hazardous materials (HazMat) contractors. The cleanup process will include testing to be sure the level of meth is below the California health-based standard for meth residue. See our Meth Lab Cleanup pages for information on this process. According to state law, the sellers of a property are required to disclose the fact that a property was used for methamphetamine manufacture if the sellers have knowledge of this activity. If the sellers disclose this fact, they must produce a statement describing the cleanup procedures followed at the property.

If the seller fails to do this, the seller may be liable for the costs of cleanup. See the Laws and Ordinances page for more detailed information pertaining to buyers and sellers.

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Rental Property Issues

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