Methamphetamine and Meth Labs
Rental Property Issues

If meth is used or made in a rental property with multiple units, contamination can occur throughout the structure from chemicals or by-products of the manufacturing process or usage of methamphetamine.

The meth smoke and chemical residues left behind from using or making meth can be breathed, eaten, or absorbed through the skin.  Children are especially vulnerable due to their hand to mouth behavior and their contact with surfaces such as floors and carpets.

Testing is necessary in order to find the boundaries of contamination and the level of contamination.

Testing will give results which can be evaluated using the California health-based standard for meth residue. If the level of meth is below the California standard, cleanup is not necessary and the area tested is considered safe.  If the level of meth is above this standard, cleanup is necessary.

To determine if a property has been cleaned up or needs to be cleaned, see Legally Declared Meth Lab and Undeclared Meth Lab.

To cleanup a property and personal items which may have been contaminated, see Cleanup Guidance.

For more information on meth use and safety, see Cleanup Guidance.

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