Precision Testing Protocol

In the past year, several registrants have contacted the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) concerning the precision testing protocol for bone density equipment. This procedure requires that a technologist image an individual several times in a period of minutes or hours. The procedure is designed as a quality assurance check and may be of no benefit to the individual.

Minnesota Department of Health, Ionizing Radiation Rules, Chapter 4732.0560, states that a radiographic procedure must be ordered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts; must include the clinical indications for the examination; and must be available to the procedure personnel at the time of the examination. In addition, 4732.0305 clearly prohibits exposing an individual to the useful beam except for healing arts purposes.

The Radiation Control Unit of MDH cannot support the precision testing protocol. Although a bone density dose may be relatively small, as previously stated, the exposure is of no benefit to the individual being used for quality assurance. As such, it could pose an unnecessary risk.

Updated Thursday, 27-Sep-2012 14:29:02 CDT