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X-ray Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)


Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) are responsible for ensuring the safe use of ionizing radiation-producing equipment at registered facilities in Minnesota. RSO training is required, per Minnesota Rule, Chapter 4732.0500.

Registrants are responsible for x-ray equipment that is under their administrative control, and must ensure that the radiation safety/quality assurance program, staff and use of x-ray equipment is in compliance with Minnesota Rule, Chapter 4732. To ensure adequate oversight is provided to the radiation safety/quality assurance program, an RSO must be designated. The RSO must be identified within the radiation safety/quality assurance program. 

  • The RSO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the radiation safety/quality assurance program.
  • The RSO must receive RSO specific training and has additional responsibilities beyond their day to day job duties.
  • The RSO must be provided sufficient time and commitment from the registrant to stop operations that he or she considers unsafe, ensure x-ray equipment is used safely, and compliance with MDH X-ray Rules.
  • These responsibilities, time and commitment must be delegated in writing from the registrant to the RSO.
  • When the registrant is also the RSO, an RSO Delegation Agreement does not have to be completed.

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RSO Training Opportunities

RSO training opportunities are not offered by MDH. Please contact the appropriate RSO training facility below for additional information.

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