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X-ray Rules

Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4732 Revision

The Minnesota Department of Health is considering amendments and possible new rules for Ionizing Radiation, Chapter 4732. For more information, please visit our rules webpage below.

Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4732 Current Rule

Chapter 4732 is the rule that governs x-ray equipment in the State of Minnesota, adopted November 5, 2007. A copy of the full rule can be ordered from the Minnesota Bookstore website: Minnesota's Bookstore.

Rule Parts By Number

4732.0100 Purpose and Scope
4732.0110 Definitions

4732.0200 Registration requirements
4732.0210 Registration fees
4732.0220 General requirements for all facilities
4732.0250 Reciprocity for out of state rad equip
4732.0275 Registration for service providers
4732.0280 Service provider responsibilities

4732.0300 Exemptions
4732.0305 Prohibited uses
4732.0306 Unauthorized uses
4732.0308 Variance to rules
4732.0310 Data privacy
4732.0315 Deliberate misconduct
4732.0320 Employee protection
4732.0330 Records
4732.0335 Inspections and testing
4732.0340 Violations and enforcement requirements
4732.0355 General requirements for shielding
4732.0360 Shielding plan
4732.0365 Additional shielding requirements for dental
4732.0370 Additional shielding requirements for industrial
4732.0380 Additional shielding for accelerators
4732.0385 Caution signs

4732.0400 Determination of accumulated occupational dose
4732.0410 Occupational dose limits for adults
4732.0415 Dose equivalent to an embryo/fetus
4732.0420 Exposure of minors
4732.0425 Planned special exposures
4732.0430 Dose limits for members of the public
4732.0440 Individual monitoring
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4732.0500 Registrant's safety responsibilities
4732.0505 Radiation safety officer responsibilities
4732.0510 Procedures & safety instructions for facilities
4732.0520 Quality assurance program
4732.0530 ALARA program
4732.0535 Retake or reject analysis program
4732.0540 Radiation audits
4732.0545 Utilization logs
4732.0550 Radiological practice standards
4732.0555 X-ray film processing requirements
4732.0560 Ordering diagnostic or therapy procedures
4732.0565 Healing arts screening
4732.0570 Operator requirements
4732.0575 Examination requirements
4732.0580 Registrant requirements for operators
4732.0585 Equivalent examinations
4732.0590 Individuals operating equipment during training

4732.0600 Reports of theft or loss of rad producing equipment
4732.0610 Report of medical events or incidents
4732.0620 Warning and control devices for high/very high radiation
4732.0630 Bypassing a safety device

4732.0700 Calibrations
4732.0710 Radiation survey or measurement instruments

4732.0800 General equipment requirements
4732.0820 Diagnostic equipment manufactured before 1973
4732.0825 Fluoroscopic systems except therapy simulators
4732.0830 Fluoroscopic dose-area-product monitor
4732.0835 Requirements for C.R./digital/PSP equipment
4732.0850 Bone densitometry systems
4732.0860 Computed tomography requirements
4732.0865 CT of the head and soft tissues of the neck
4732.0870 Requirements for stereotactic mammographic equipment
4732.0875 Veterinary radiographic systems
4732.0880 Intraoral dental radiographic systems
4732.0890 Extraoral dental systems
4732.0895 Dental CT systems

4732.0900 General requirements for Accelerator systems
4732.0925 General requirements for therapeutic equipment
4732.0930 Therapeutic radiation machines of less than 500 kV
4732.0940 Therapeutic radiation machines (500 kV & above)

4732.1000 X-ray fluorescent analyzers and bomb detection units
4732.1040 Industrial facility requirements for using radiation-producing equipment in manufacturing processes, gauges & cabinets
4732.1050 Permanent industrial radiographic installations
4732.1055 Industrial radiographic operating and emergency procedures
4732.1058 Industrial radiography in a temporary job site
4732.1060 Instruction and training for industrial radiography
4732.1063 Warning devices for industrial radiography
4732.1065 Posting requirements for industrial radiography
4732.1067 Surveillance for industrial radiography
4732.1070 Radiographer certification

4732.1100 Installation calibration tests and equipment performance tests
4732.1120 Therapeutic equipment performance tests and limits for measurement equipment
4732.1130 Equipment performance tests for external beam teletherapy and simulation systems

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For questions, comments or feedback regarding the MDH X-ray Program, please email health.xray@state.mn.us or call 651.201.4545.

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