X-ray Shielding Information

With the newly adopted X-ray Rule 4732 comes changes in shielding for new or remodeled facilities. The information below describes these changes.

Shielding Plan Form (PDF: 60KB/7 pages)
Shielding Placard Requirements (PDF: 27KB/1 page)

NEW and REMODEL facilities only are required to submit a shielding plan for review:

  • The shielding plan must be submitted to MDH PRIOR to construction (see Shielding Plan Form above)

  • A placard will need to be posted upon completion of the project.

  • Turn-around time for review is approximately 30 days.

  • Low dose units (intraoral, mammography, podiatry, bone density) are exempt from submitting shielding plans for review. 

  • Replacement tubes of like output are also exempt provided there is an existing shielding plan available to verify shielding.

  • The exempt facilities still need to have an overall shielding plan if they are making changes, but they will not need to submit it for review.

This does not affect existing facilities that are not remodeling or not moving their x-ray equipment within the facility. Existing facilities should locate their existing shielding information (construction plans) and include it their records. If a facility is sold, the shielding information/plan is part of the sales agreement. If no plan exists, provisions should be made for a radiation survey to verify adequate shielding.

Updated Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:10AM