Guidance for Air

The following guidance was developed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) at the request of the MDH Site Assessment and Consultation Unit and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). For more information, contact the Health Risk Assessment Unit.

Note: This information pertains to the chronic Risk Assessment Advice (RAA) for tetrachloroethylene only. MDH also has developed an acute Health Risk Value (HRV) for this chemical.

Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene): Interim Chronic Risk Assessment Advice
March 3, 2011

Chemical: Tetrachloroethylene
CAS number: 127-18-4
Endpoints: Cancer, Nervous System
Chronic Value(s): 20 ug/m3 (cancer); 100 ug/m3 (non-cancer)
Source: MDH

MDH completed a review of the available information on the health risks of tetrachloroethylene and, based on this review, MDH reaffirms that RAA first developed in 2006 is protective of public health. Generally, RAA may contain greater uncertainty than HRVs and Health-Based Values because the available information is more limited.

For supporting information used to derive this advice, see: Tetrachloroethylene Risk Assessment Advice Summary Sheet (PDF: 80 KB/3 pages).

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