CEC: Advisory Forum - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Advisory Forum

There is considerable interest in contaminants of emerging concern. The CEC program’s Advisory Forum provides an opportunity to share information about these contaminants, discuss program activities, and:

  • Nominate a contaminant for further study
  • Review work completed by task groups
  • Review work completed through special projects (contracts and grants)
  • Provide scientific expertise and additional data
  • Provide input about public processes
  • Connect with other interested individuals, organizations, and MDH

Local, state, and federal government agencies, academic programs, non-profit groups, industry groups, and drinking water and wastewater professional organizations are anticipated to participate.

In addition to the forum, task groups are established as needed.  One task group (Contaminant Screening Criteria and Prioritization Development Task Group), has completed its work and another task group (Communication, Education, and Outreach Task Group) continues to meet.

The annual Advisory Forum was held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at MDH's Snelling Office Park. Refer to the agenda and presentations (PDF: 734KB/17 pages) and (PDF: 2,056KB/33 pages).

For additional information, or to sign up to receive email announcements about future meetings, please contact michele.ross@state.mn.us.

The first meeting of the Advisory Forum was held on January 20, 2011; refer to the agenda (PDF: 230 KB/1 page). The second Advisory Forum was held on February 9, 2012. Refer to the agenda (PDF: 82KB/1 page) and presentations (PDF:82 KB/23 pages) and (PDF: 5,311KB/41 pages).

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