Outreach and Education Grant

What is this project and why are we doing it?

Through this grant program, the public may become more aware of contaminants, the health effects of contaminants, the source of contaminants, how personal actions are related to exposure and release of contaminants, how people are exposed to contaminants, the combined effects of multiple exposures or multiple contaminants, or other concepts. Grants will be awarded to eligible applicants including local, regional, or tribal units of government, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, or professional water resource organizations. Projects funded under the grant may result in community or personal actions, community events, new literature or other media products, or other public engagement activities. Funded projects may focus on planning, implementation, and/or evaluation of existing or new activities related to contaminants of emerging concern. The first grant cycle received six applications. Of these applicants, three will be awarded implementation grants and one will be awarded a planning grant in early 2013. Work is anticipated to begin in Spring 2013.

Updated Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 07:51AM