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Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Communication, Education, and Outreach Task Group

The communication, Education, and Outreach Task Group was convened by MDH to assist with:

  • developing an outreach plan,
  • engaging the public and stakeholders, and
  • enhancing messaging associated with contaminants of emerging concern.

With input from this task group, MDH staff have refined outreach materials for contaminants reviewed under the program. Additionally, MDH conducted a needs assessment project using focus groups (refer to the Special Projects page), the results of which were evaluated with this task group. This task group has met four times and will continue to meet quarterly. Members of this task group include:

  • Darrell Gerber (Clean Water Action)
  • Dave Goergen (City of Edina)
  • Kay Kessel (League of Women Voters)
  • Jennifer Kuzma (University of Minnesota)
  • Barb Liukkonen (formerly University of Minnesota)
  • Christie Manning (Macalester)
  • Michael Oxborough (Department of Education)
  • Thomas DiPasquale (formerly 3M)
  • April Rust (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
  • Kathleen Schuler (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
  • Amanda Strommer (Washington County)
  • Pat Sweeney (Freshwater Society)
  • Jill Trescott (Dakota County)
  • Margaret Wagner (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)

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