Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Contaminant Screening Criteria and Prioritization Development Task Group

The Contaminant Screening Criteria and Prioritization Development Task Group assisted MDH in developing a decision tree to facilitate a systematic, consistent, and efficient evaluation of chemicals nominated by stakeholders (refer to the Nominate Contaminants page). The decision tree lays out a decision treeprocess for selecting nominated chemicals for further review.

This task group evaluated the toxicity and exposure screening processes (Level 2) and a risk-based selection process (Level 3) that considers both the need and feasibility of developing health-based guidance. Member of this task group include:

  • Peter Daniels (Wenck)
  • Darrell Gerber (Clean Water Action)
  • Carin Huset (Minnesota Department of Health – Public Health Laboratory)
  • Kathy Lee (United States Geological Survey)
  • John MacDonald (Ridge Road Consulting)
  • Dalma Martinovic (St. Thomas University)
  • Michael Mergens (Larkin Hoffman)
  • Tim O’Brien (Ecolab)
  • Cathy O’Dell (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
  • Angela Preimesberger (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
  • Heiko Schoenfuss (St. Cloud State University)
  • Kathleen Schuler (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
  • Patrick Shea (American Water Works Association)
  • Dan Stoddard (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)
  • Deb Swackhamer (University of MN)
  • Pat Sweeney (Freshwater Society)
  • Joe Zachmann (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)

This task group met five times over the course of eight months, beginning in August 2010 and ending in March 2011.

At the discretion of MDH, CEC staff may develop guidance for chemicals that are not nominated by an outside party and that are not assessed through this chemical selection process.

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