Health Risk Values Rules for Ambient Air
Ambient Air Rules

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) promulgates Health Risk Values (HRVs) for chemicals in ambient air. These values were established through a scientific and stakeholder involvement process, and adopted into rule in March of 2002. For additional information, see the links below, Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Health Risk Assessment Unit.

The Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) (PDF: 652KB/72 pages) for the HRV Rules provides a thorough description of the scientific methods and principles used to develop HRVs.

Note: SONARs are written for a specific step in the rule development process. The HRV SONAR does not reflect all information that was included in the HRV Rules. See the Responses to Comments on the Proposed Permanent Rule (PDF: 79 KB/17 pages) for additional considerations and information incorporated into the HRV Rules.

Administrative Rules

4717.8000 Purpose and Scope.
4717.8050 Definitions.
4717.8100 Table of Chronic HRVs.
4717.8150 Table of Subchronic HRVs.
4717.8200 Table of Acute HRVs.
4717.8250 Table of mHRVs for Multimedia Exposure to Air Toxics.
4717.8300 Equations for Calculation of HRVs for Noncarcinogenic Effects of Toxicants.
4717.8350 Equation for Calculation of mHRVs for Noncarcinogenic Effects of Toxicants.
4717.8400 Equation for Calculation of HRVs for Carcinogens.
4717.8450 Equation for Calculation of mHRVs for Carcinogens.
4717.8500 Equations for Calculation of HRVs for Acute Toxicity.
4717.8550 Procedure for Determining Cancer Index for Simultaneous Exposure to Multiple Carcinogens.
4717.8600 Procedure for Determining Hazard Index for Assessing Simultaneous Exposure to Multiple Toxicants with Noncarcinogenic Effects.

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